Wind farm General Contractor

ANABUD – General Wind Farm Contractor, a leading contractor of infrastructure for renewable energy, in particular wind in Poland.

Specialist knowledge, innovative approach, high safety standards and several years of experience in the implementation of projects for industry and energy make ANABUD a trusted and reliable partner in the field of renewable energy sources.

The growing interest in renewable energy sources has made the construction of power stations and wind farms an increasingly popular and appreciated option for obtaining energy. We provide comprehensive services throughout Poland related to the construction of wind farms on a general contracting basis. We also carry out individual elements of wind farm infrastructure - from verifying the feasibility of building a wind farm to servicing and operating it.

Construction of access roads and assembly yards

The construction of access roads and assembly yards for the supply and installation of wind turbines should be preceded by an analysis of several basic conditions. These are determined on a project-by-project basis. Current standards for road construction, the service contract with the turbine supplier, the assumptions of the local zoning plan, lease agreements with landowners and, finally, construction costs. Of these several conditions listed, only one must be met absolutely in the part concerning the load-bearing capacity of the ground for the cranes installing the wind turbines. This is because it relates directly to site safety and no compromise can be sought here. The remaining conditions are subject to deeper analysis and each investor should carry this out at the design stage. It turns out that it is not always necessary to build a permanent access road, sometimes it is more cost-effective to build a temporary road, and in some projects such a solution is necessary and the only one.

The manufacturer's guidelines specify specific requirements for the basic technical conditions - bearing capacity of the ground, longitudinal and transverse gradients, turning radii, size of yards for parking, turning, storage and installation of elements. Some of the aforementioned factors are influenced by the weight and dimensions of the components to be transported and others by the type of crane used to install the wind turbine.

  • Construction of permanent and temporary access roads and exits
  • Construction of assembly yards and temporary platforms
  • Construction of foundations for wind turbine towers
  • Development of the concept of optimization of construction costs
  • Preparation and agreement of replacement projects
  • Development of complete detailed design projects

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